About Us

Sushil chauhan

Sushil Chauhan is a Founder Director of Stocks Learner Academy – Research Analyst, Trader, and Stock Market Trainer.

He is extremely passionate about education and technology. He is an active financial market participant and love to contribute to the complete Indian Stock Market ecosystem. Knowledgeable and dedicated financial expert to utilize economic knowledge in research analyst position.

Having the core ability to be an excellent trainer with Technical knowledge of the subject, Sushil can help you save a lot of money you will have to pay to the market itself by making losses. Extensive experience analyzing and evaluating investment possibilities, market trends, and stocks. A candidate who combines market awareness and quick and accurate work and prioritizes excellent communication to ensure success. Proven track record across nearly 8 year working experience of improving profits through analytical thinking.

My Objective

I want to bring a revolution in Stock Market Learning by Educating youth on what is right and what is wrong.

If you are in search of good stock market training platform to make much better and lots of money and become successful in the world of trading. StocksLearner is one of the top leading online financial education providers which suit your needs.

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