Beginner to
Professional trader Stock Market Trading Course

This course is designed for everyone with no prior knowledge required. Hop on to the journey and fasten your seat belts to go on a tour with us to the Stock Market.  Our Courses designed for beginners, investors, traders and all kinds of individuals interested in the markets. Start your journey of learning about share market basics today. Learn The Stock Market Technical Analysis,  Fundamental Analysis and, Trading Psychology with StocksLearner is India’s premier Stock Market eLearning Financial Education provider for Trader & Investor of Indian Stock Market – MCX-Commodities, Cash-Equity, NSE Future & Option and etc.

Is Stock Market Trading a Gambling?

- "You can lear it, If you simplyfy it"- Learn before Trading and Investing in Stock Market"

Trading in the stock markets is not like a dice game, while gambling is a zero-sum game of playing the available odds. Trading involves examining past information and analyzing available data to trade or invest in stocks. Unlike gambling, trading has no ultimate win or loss. 

A Professional In Stock Market

Trading has always been considered as a dicey career. A small investment can give you a huge success, but to gain such a success you need proper knowledge of what you are doing and what is the right time for which kind of strategy. Success doesn’t have a formula. It is achieved by taking the right decisions at the right time. So we have prepared a course module that will help you to learn about the Share Market/Stock Market.

We aim to make you an Elite Trader, who is a professional with perfect knowledge of how and when to enter/exit the trade and book big profits.


A Complete Course of The Stock Market

(Professiona Level)
  • Live Market Support
  • Validity for 6 Months
  • 3 month Be a Part of our Trading Community
  • Mode of Course : Online

Stock Market Analysis

(Intermediate Level)
  • Live Market Support
  • Validity for 3 Month
  • 2 month Be a Part of our Trading Community
  • Mode of Course : Online

Basics of Stock Market

Beginner Level
  • Live Market Support
  • Validity for 2 Month
  • 1 month Be a Part of our Trading Community
  • Mode of Course : Online


What Learner say about us


Foundation Program in stock trading

  • Learn how to read charts and trade
  • No prior trading experience required
  • Develop an understanding of different technical tools and indicators
  • Identify market trends and learn entry-exit levels
  • Unique concepts for intraday and swing trading
  • Risk management methods
  • Charting technical indicators & trade set-ups
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